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Group Booking: When booking click on the service the bride desire. An "Add-on" list should pop-up where you can add services for your bridal party, mothers, and guest.

Request a full quote before booking.

Parking: The client must accommodate an artist(s) with parking and cover any parking fee if needed. Street parking is ok if the artist(s) can find a parking space on your street or the artist(s) won't be able to perform service. For hotels or any locations with valet, the client must pay for the artist(s) valet

Traveling Fee: If needed, a traveling fee will be added at check out.

Extra Fees: Please Click on "Add-On" if any of these extra fees apply to you.

*Very detailed hairstyles


*Hair Length 20" or longer (Hair at the waistline or longer)

*Full Glam

*Double Lashes

Check "Add-On" for more extra fees

Airbrush: If you would like to book airbrush service for a group, please put that in your note or contact us to be added to your service form and total price.

*Please note that appointments and artists are not locked in until the deposit is paid and the contract/agreement is signed.

These prices are for those that are booking for the bride only. No one else will be getting service;


Bridal Hair Trial - $100

Bridal Makeup Trial - $100

Bridal Airbrush Trial - $125


Hair - $250

Makeup - $250

Airbrush - $275

Booking for the Bride Only

These prices are special discount prices for a party of 6 or more receiving both hair and makeup service. The party only includes the Bride and Bridesmaids.

Services for other members can be added.


Bridal Hair Trial - $100

Bridal Makeup Trial - $100

Bridal Airbrush Trial - $125


Bride's Hair - $150

 Bride's Makeup - $150

Airbrush - $175


Bridesmaid's Hair - $85 each

Bridesmaid's Makeup - $85 each

Bridesmaid's Airbrush - $115 each

Group Booking Party of 6 or more

These prices are for a bridal party of 5 or less. Everyone does not have to get both makeup and makeup services.

Services for other members can be added;


Bridal Hair Trial - $100

Bridal Makeup Trial - $100

Bridal Airbrush Trial - $125


 Bride's Hair - $215

Bride's Makeup - $215

Airbrush - $245


Bridesmaid's Hair - $95 ea

Bridesmaid's Makeup - $95 ea

Airbrush - $115 ea

Booking for an Bridal Party of 5 or less

Booking for a Hair or Makeup for your engagement shoot, birthdays, anniversary, or etc? (Style and go)


Hair - $135

Makeup - $135

Airbrush - $150



Click below for Hair Extension information

Hair Extensions Installment

Please email us for on-set rates