C.A.S Experience Agency

Thank you for inquiring about the opportunity with C.A.S Experience. We are transitioning into a full agency and not just a bridal company that books artists to assist us with weddings, so we operate a little different than the average bridal company. Once your application is completed and sent back to us, it will take 3 to 7 days for us to review your application and to get back to you with more information about the agency and compensation. If we contact you back, the next step will be a live demo interview in North Hollywood, CA or Sykpe. 
Dallas/Fort Worth, interviews will be held in Cedar Hill, TX, Plano, TX, or Sykpe.
You will have to provide your own model.

How many years experience do you have in bridal?
What's your niche or what is that one thing you want to be booked for the most?
What city do you live in? (No, city is too far! Actually, it helps when promoting the artist. There's weddings everywhere!!!)
Do you have a website or Instagram with bridal photos?
Would you be able to provide professional bridal photos for the website and social media?
More information you (optional)